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East Best Piano Tuning & Repair in NJ


"Put some harmony in your life. Life is like a piano... what you get out of it depends on how you play it. Well, tune it good!"

With 32 melodic years of harmonious music, New Jersey's East Best Piano expertly sets your pianos in tune with the pitch-sensitive ears of professional musician, cellist and piano technician, Michael Gopenko. It will give you the pleasure that music can bring to your hearts and souls.

Michael provides budding musicians and music enthusiasts in NJ with expert piano tuners and repair technicians to help them condition their instruments.

There's no doubt you can truly rely on the piano tuning and repair of East Best Piano, as it is even capable of restoring an antique piano so you can once again produce melodious sound with it.

East Best Piano believes that, like cello and violin, there's so much mystery in a piano. We want to keep it that way. Let our professional NJ piano tuners, who were rigorously trained under Michael's watchful eye, preserve the enchantment of your piano. We provide piano repair and tuning in New Jersey.

Apart from tuning, each piano technician in our company also renders other essential services such as piano voicing, touch regulation and key leveling, file of hammers and keys, adjustment of action, replacement of broken piano parts and strings, and piano cleaning.

Besides being a staple in concerts, a piano also happens to be that common home instrument family members can gather around during special occasions or just when they feel like singing together. With our professional piano tuners constantly providing dependable repair and tuning service for your piano, rest assured you will always play the perfect tune.

We stand on our reputation of providing high quality and friendly service. We have established working relationships with our dear clients and friends who tune twice a year, and more often for somebody who has a well-trained ear for music.

Rely on East Best Piano's tuners for your New Jersey piano tuning and repair.

For questions, feel free to contact us at 973-564-6136 or send an email to

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East Best Piano has won the Angie's List's Super Service Award in the Piano Tuning Category every year since 2010.

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I have been employed by the St-Petersburg State Conservatory as a lead Piano Technician for 18 years and have an overall experience in the business – 32 years to date.
In order to keep proper string tension, every piano must be tuned at least twice per year, if moderately used.

For heavy or professional use more frequent service is required. In concert halls and recording studios, the piano is typically tuned before each performance.

Some of the services offered are.
High Quality Piano Tuning and Voicing.
Touch regulation and Key leveling.
Repair or replace broken parts or strings.
File of Hammers and Keys.
Adjustment of action and cleaning.
Free Estimate,
Work Guaranteed.

  Repairs & Regulation

This job should only be performed by highly-trained, qualified technicians.
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  Tuning and Voicing

In order to keep proper string tension, every piano must be tuned at least twice per year, if moderately used.
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East Best Piano Tuning & Repair - Professional Piano Technician and Tuner with 30+ Years Piano Turing and Repair Experience. Serving All of New Jersey.
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